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5 Reasons Why it’s Important to Work With an Accredited Construction Company

Working with an accredited company can be a breath of fresh air. Accreditation may involve completing a course, inspection or a test to provide the accreditation body with sufficient evidence that a company is competent enough to meet its standards.

Nuëcø Group are proud to hold so many accreditations and from some of the most prestigious accrediting bodies like ISO:9001 and BSI. It shows our commitment to perform better and deliver excellence across everything we do. Our accreditations give anyone who is dealing with us the reassurance that we go above and beyond to deliver the very highest standards of work, consistently.


What Can You Expect From an Accredited Company?

Accreditation is the recognition of credibility, authority or ability in a given field. Here are the benefits of working with licensed firms.

#1. Quality Assurance

Quality is a significant challenge in construction. In other words, about 30 percent of the work performed by construction companies is rework.

Accredited means an organization has embraced best practices. It shows that a company has invested the time and effort to meet or exceed client expectations.

Additionally, workers are required to develop their knowledge and skill-sets to stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards. As a result, it builds your confidence and trust since you have tangible evidence that a given business offers the required safety and quality levels.

#2. Streamlined Processes and Enhanced Efficiency

Construction has struggled with productivity for ages. To demonstrate, 45 percent of construction professionals report spending more time on unproductive tasks.

Accreditation can involve rigorous auditing and assessments. Organizations are required to not only standardize their procedures and processes, but to also document and implement them. In that case, accredited companies are known to have effective systems that lead to customer satisfaction.

For instance, accreditation promotes the efficient and effective use of resources in the construction industry. It does so by streamlining internal processes that help reduce operational costs.

#3. Risk Management

Think about this:

Construction accounts for about seven percent of the UK's workforce. The bad news? The industry has a fatal injury rate of 1.74 per 100000 workers that is almost four times the all industry rate (0.42).

On the flip side, accredited companies are considered low risks since they adhere to standards related to business practices, safety and risk management.

#4. Accountability and Transparency

Instantly available information is what creates transparency throughout a project. For instance, if there’s a product substitution in a project you need to know the impact of the changes as early as possible.

Today, organizations are being held to high levels of accountability by the general public and customers. The good news, accreditation is proof that the company is willing to go above and beyond the minimum required by the law. And with accountability and transparency, you’re assured of a better working relationship with a contractor.

#5. Demonstrates Capability

According to the Navigant construction forum, the total cost of rework equates to nine percent of total project cost. Pricey, right? Fortunately, working with accredited companies can help reduce reworks.

Accreditation is an indicator of competence. It demonstrates a company has attained a certain level of expertise in an area. In addition, an accredited firm is committed to keeping their skills and knowledge up-to-date and this helps build customer confidence.

So What’s Stopping You?

All said, being accredited doesn’t guarantee that problems won’t happen. Not at all. It ensures efficient systems are in place to promote quality work. For instance, it can help a company handle complaints effectively.

But you know what else?

An accredited firm knows that its reputation is on the line. It has to display high ethical and professional standards in its work or lose the accreditation. And as you can see, you have nothing to lose. Find a licensed business and bring those cherished dreams into reality.

It will be all worth it.


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