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Celebrating International Women's Day at Nuëcø Group

Research highlights that just 13% of those working in the construction industry are women.

Which is why today on International Women's Day we are celebrating the amazing and talented women that work for Nuëcø Group. We take a look at their stories and experiences of working in construction so hopefully it can keep inspiring more women into the industry.

We caught up with Heidi Trigg, Commercial Manager and Laura Bulcroft, Finance Manager at Nuëcø Group.

I started out in the construction industry over 8 years ago and intially faced challenges of stereotyping. As a woman I felt as though I was presumed to be unqualified and unknowledgable within the field. Although women are still hugely under represented within the industry I have noticed over the years this that it is moving in the right direction with regards to being more inclusive and being a woman within construction comes with less challenges than it once did.

Gender inequality within the construction industy can lead to be presumption from the outside that it can be quite a hostile working environment for women. However I can honestly say that I work with some of the most kind, friendly people and this industry can be a great career for women. I am immensely proud to work in a male dominated industry and to represent women within construction, particularly within management positions. I feel a great sense of achievement and to show that women in construction can be successful. I believe having a diverse workforce is invaluble to any company and I believe something the industy is now working hard to achieve.

Heidi - Commercial Manager


I love being a woman in construction, I’m proud to tell people that when I’m asked what I do. I know my role isn’t typically sited based, or directly involved in the operations of our projects, but it is in industry unlike any I’ve worked in and it’s great to have a small part in each stage of every project and being involved in the decisions we make as we grow our company.

I think the general consensus is that to be a successful woman in construction; you have to be loud, feisty, or as I’ve heard said before, ‘one of the boys’ - but that isn’t the case. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean you have to act a certain way or change who you are - I am neither loud nor feisty. However I am confident enough in my own abilities to say that I’m good at what I do and I’m lucky enough to have the backing of a company that will go over and above to ensure I have the same opportunities as any of my colleagues and take a stand against gender discrimination.

Break those stereotypes, challenge discrimination where you hear or see it.

I am raising my two children to know that you can do any role, in any company, in any industry you choose, regardless of your gender.

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception” - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Laura - Finance Manager


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