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Meet the team: Laura

We are delighted to welcome Laura Bulcroft as our new Finance Manager who will be based at our Yorkshire office and factory in Sheffield.

Laura joins us with a wealth of experience and she is already making a positive impact on our business. Laura oversees the finance function, managing the day to day accounting activities and working closely with senior management to provide financial insight through regular analysis and monthly financial reporting.

Our Managing Director, Tom says "We are thrilled to welcome Laura to our team and to be expanding too despite the challenging year it has been for so many. Laura encompasses all the values we hold at Nueco and she is a real asset to the business and will be crucial to our growing company and its continued success with her skills and expertise in finance. Welcome to the Nueco family Laura!"

Laura says "I’m so pleased to have joined Nueco, I’ve had such a lovely welcome! The people are fun and very supportive and I am so excited to see what the future holds for me and this great company".

Let's dive into some questions to get to know Laura better...

1. What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I love analysing the figures and providing insight to help us perform to our best ability. I am always looking for ways to improve, both myself and our processes to ensure things run as efficiently as possible.

2. What is something that you would like to fix in the industry / work?

I would like to ensure that we have an efficient monthly reporting set up to monitor our projects, performance and to aid decision making.

3. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I love cooking, I am a real big foodie and a bit of a hobby baker. At the moment I spend most of my time decorating as we moved house in September and our new home needs a little bit of TLC.

4. What is your proudest moment?

Achieving part-qualified CIMA, I self-funded my studies and studied in my own time at home. This was a really proud moment for me and I look forward to completing the qualification.

5. Describe your ideal day

Breakfast, a long walk in the countryside followed by a roast dinner and a glass of red wine… I am boring & easily pleased!

6. What 3 qualities would you look for in a dog?

Well behaved, loving & perceptive.

7. If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?

Teach your children, or younger family members, kindness. Kindness makes a world of difference and if we armour the next generation up with the right qualities, they will create a different world.

8. What was the last film you watched?

Parent trap – I’m a low key Disney fan.


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