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Supplier Success Stories: Obex

No doubt about it. Suppliers are critical to the success of an organization. At Nueco, they’re not just suppliers, they’re partners. The aim is to develop deep, mutually beneficial relationships over the long term.

We understand that close communication and collaboration with our suppliers is beneficial. Here's how:

  • There’s improved quality.

  • There’s reduced risk.

  • There’s widespread innovation.

  • There’s increased efficiency.

With that said...

Who is Obex?

Located in Worcester, Obex is a family-run business with over 25 years of experience. The company specializes in manufacturing, their Cortex EPDM membrane system, Cortex FR System, Cortex surface protection films, adhesive tapes and any other related products.

In fact, Nueco has used their products in the following projects:

#1. 86 Fetter Lane. Involves 147,000 sq.ft. of office space.

#2. Arthur Stanley House. Involves the refurbishment of an 8-storey former hospital building.

But you’re probably wondering...

Why Obex?

Obex are experts in glazing and facade sealing technology. The business is ISO 9001 certified and is constantly innovating to bring the best products to the market.

Also, Obex is the only company in the UK whose Cortex FR and EPDM membrane systems are BBA approved by one of the recognized construction industry approval bodies. The approval process involves rigorous tests, onsite evaluations, inspections of production and compliance with relevant building regulations.

The membrane system has been certified for:

#1. Weathertightness. Protects the interior of a building from the passage of wind-driven rain, dust, snow, and run-off water.

#2. Air barrier continuity. Maintains air continuity at sills, lintels and jambs.

#3. Resistance to damage. It’s a robust system.

#4. Durability. Will function for the lifetime of the frame around which it is installed.

Let’s now look at the innovations in detail:

First, the Cortex EPDM provides an airtight and weather tight seal. Additionally, the membrane is environmentally friendly and contains no solvents hence prevents damage to adjacent surfaces.

Second, it’s the Cortex fire rated sealing system. As a fire rated alternative to EPDM, this system protects against water and air ingress in facades and commercial glazing while offering the highest levels of fire resistance. It includes the following:

#1. Class B fire rated paste adhesive

It’s the only Class B adhesive in the market for bonding fire-rated membranes. It’s easy to apply and bonds well with ordinary building substrates. Also, the paste is UV resistant and permanently elastic after curing.

#2. Non-combustible vapour barrier membrane

This is airtight, watertight and UV resistant.

#3. Non-combustible breather membrane and fire-rated pre-moulded corner

These are durable and the corners are easy to cut to suit your window projections.

Third, there’s the custom printed protection tape. With a natural rubber adhesive system, it’s ideal for protection of aluminium profiles either in storage or in transit. The tape is UV resistant for up to 12 months and can be cut to any width from 10mm to 1500mm.

Finally, Obex can provide on-site training and also makes deliveries within 48 hours to keep your project moving.

Going Forward

We aim to partner with the best and Obex is a global leader in glazing and facade sealing technology. It gives us peace of mind because we can adequately meet the ever-changing client needs.

And best of all..

Guarantee of best value and customer satisfaction.


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