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What is a façade?

Nueco are recognised as leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of Schüco façades, including rain-screen cladding and curtain wall/glazed façade installations. But what really is a façade?

A façade or façades are the exterior walls of a building - the aesthetically pleasing and very often, the front-face of a building that overhangs the road. However, a façade can be multiple - north, south, east or west, often depending on the size of the building. Façades are deliberate, the design of the buildings are no accident - intentional placing of windows and doors, the installations of fins or rain-screen cladding, it is all done for a purpose; aesthetic and function. As architecture has progressed, so has façade design. In cities we are seeing a move away from the traditional brick and mortar construction and seeing a shift towards steel construction with an emphasis on glazing façades. Modern architecture desires more natural light and an open plan feel. Over the past few years, Nueco has been thriving of this shift in design and has developed a reputation for quality, driving the growth of the company.


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