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Why You Need a Full Glazing Package (And What to Consider)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a glazing company that can turn your design ideas into reality with minimal fuss?

But that’s not always possible.

Because, let’s be honest, glazing is highly technical.

For a successful glazing project, the design and type of products you choose to use is only half the story. Installation is equally important because of the available minimal tolerance in glass.

Let’s take bespoke windows for example. It’s a product of your imagination. A design tweak that sets your project apart from the rest.

Bespoke products can be technically challenging. They require complex drawings. Also, bespoke elements must meet high performance standards and may require specialized installation.

The challenge?

Not all companies are competent enough to handle such projects. Some of the problems you may encounter are:

  • Being supplied with wrong/substitute parts.

  • Installation taking longer than planned.

  • Parts not fitting as well as they should.

  • Installers causing damage to fittings.

  • Delayed works.

  • Parts positioned incorrectly.

The good news is that the above challenges are avoidable. You can always opt for a full glazing package.

Here’s why:

Advantages of a Full Glazing Package

Dealing with multiple businesses is not always the best option. You can just visit one company for all your glazing needs.The benefits include:

#1. Lower costs

With rising material costs, there’s no room for waste in glazing projects. When using multiple partners there’s the risk of misuse and longer lead times due to a longer supplier chain. On the other hand, a single supply source reduces wastage and saves you money in the long run.

Additionally, dealing with a single company cuts down on paperwork especially for complex projects.

#2. Better communication

In construction, problems arise all the time. A slight issue can affect and delay the whole project. For instance, delays always happen as you wait for communication to happen between various service providers.

By having everything in-house, communication is better and issues are settled swiftly.

With a single point of contact for the whole project, chances of miscommunication happening are minimized.

#3. Saves time

A one-stop solution stops inefficiency in it’s tracks. First, it saves time because you don’t have to vet every different service provider. Second, your project’s timelines are likely to stay on track since you won’t be working with different companies’ production timelines.

And finally, incase of urgency, it’s easier to bump things up between members of the same team than amongst external companies.

#4. Better product fit

When a single company is in control of the whole process, it has a better sense of how the whole thing fits together. A one-stop solution simplifies quality control processes which helps meet the project objectives.

Likewise, with a full glazing package, a provider works with you closely on each part of the project. As a result, the company develops a deep understanding of the job hence providing a cohesive solution.

As you can see from the above, there are numerous advantages when a single company handles your glazing project. And no, you don’t always have to go with the cheapest option. Because as we all know, sometimes cheap can be expensive — delays, poor fittings and costly replacements.

So, what should you be looking for when choosing a full glazing package?

Let’s find out.

What to Consider Before Committing to a Full Glazing Package

As always, choosing a company to handle your glazing project can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you, here are some factors to consider:

#1. The financial situation of the company

Glazing companies sprout up every time. As a consumer, it’s always easy to assume that companies you choose to work with will stay in business the whole time. But that’s not the case. Companies go bankrupt and close shop every time.

It’s therefore important that you do your homework and find a financially sound organization before handing over your hard-earned money. One way is finding out how long a company has been in business.

Alternatively, you can ascertain a firm’s financial stability by reading reviews from trade organizations. In other cases, some professional bodies require that glazing companies publish their financial information.

Yes, it’s important to settle for a financially sound glazing partner. Equally important, is the firm competent enough to do the job?

#2. Understanding the scope of work

Sometimes it happens. A company is contracted for a glazing project but later the project stalls because the firm realizes it doesn’t have the capability to handle such work. Usually, such scenarios occur when one settles for the cheapest option. But then it ends up being costly due to delays or even poor workmanship.

The solution?

First, find a company that has been accredited by various relevant authorities. At least you’re sure such a business adheres to specific standards and this gives you peace of mind.

What’s more, an enterprise that understands the scope of work is able to produce a detailed quotation that helps prevent cost overruns.

But don’t stop there. You also need to know what people are saying about the company.

#3. Reputation

Nothing beats customer feedback when you’re doing your due diligence on a business. You can check reviews online but keep in mind that not everything posted on a website is 100 percent accurate.

For better insights, it’s better to talk to individuals or companies that have worked with a given enterprise. You can always ask a glazing company to give you contact details of clients they have worked with in the past.

And please remember that it’s important to read the fine print before signing a contract. For instance, pay extra attention to...

#4. Cancellation policies

Most glazing companies have a cool-down period between 7-14 days whereby either party may cancel a contract without incurring a penalty. Such provisions are crucial because sometimes you may develop cold feet and decide to drop a given glazing partner.

And finally...

#5. Are there warranties?

Protecting your investment is very important. Check that the products are guaranteed in case anything goes wrong. Make sure to ask about warranties and guarantees before you choose a glazing company. What do they cover and how long do they last. Get in writing for your personal records.

Take Your Time

To sum up, in today’s market for glazing services, a one-stop-shop is indispensable especially for complex projects. A single source brings centralization of processes that would otherwise require a collection of different partners. As a result, you enhance efficiency and quality.

Like any other decision, choosing a glazing package requires careful consideration. Take your time. Don’t sign up with the first company that comes around. Get clear and detailed information and don’t feel pressured to commit quickly. And if a discount sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In that case, trust your gut instincts.

So give it a go.

For more information, or to have a chat about your needs, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of experts



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